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Afikim Afiscooter C3 Breeze Scooter

Afikim Afiscooter C3

Are you searching for a uniquely designed mobility scooter with top-notch performance and security features? Afikim Afiscooter C3 Breeze Scooter might be the perfect mobility device for you.

It’s ideal, whether you’re looking for a mobility scooter to use indoors or run your errands outdoors.

What makes this device from Afikim rank among the best devices to help regain mobility independence? Besides being a three-wheeled scooter with an excellent turning radius, it also offers comfort and modern features.

Scroll down to discover more about the Afikim Afiscooter C3 Breeze scooter. Learn why it may be the perfect mobility scooter for you or your loved one.

Afikim Afiscooter C3 Best Features

Feature Specifications
Speed (mph) 9.30 mph
Weight Capacity 330 lbs
Ground Clearance 4”
Safety Suspension, instant brakes, LED lights
Drive Range 25 miles
Warranty A 2-year warranty
Comfort Orthopedic captain’s seat (adjustable and swivels)
Turning radius 50”



The Afikim Afiscooter C3 is a slender but powerful scooter with a completely adjustable cushioned seat on top of a well-built chassis. It comes with a 12V 50Ah battery but for added power, you can upgrade to a 12V 70Ah battery.

Once the power is depleted, use the charging port on the tiller to recharge the batteries. With a single charge, the Afikim Afiscooter C3 Breeze can go up to 25 miles.

The scooter has an impressive top speed of 9.30 mph, ensuring you run your outdoor errands and get back home quickly. Use the speed switch to select the top speed, depending on how fast you want to go.

You can switch to first speed (5 mph) or second speed (9.30 mph), depending on your environment.

How Does the Afiscooter C3 Perform?

The Afikim Afiscooter C3 performs like a full-size mobility scooter. Enjoy a smooth ride, thanks to the fully-adjustable suspension, shock absorbers, and well-built chassis.

What’s more, it comes with sizeable aluminum wheels and pneumatic tires for a comfortable outdoor ride. With an impressive 330 lbs weight capacity, this scooter is perfect for people with a larger body size.

Afikim Afiscooter C3 is a three-wheeled scooter with a 50” turning radius. It’s an excellent device for navigating narrow spaces and making sharp turns. With an outstanding 4” ground clearance, you can drive stressful in all terrains.


Perfect Size for Your Needs

The C3 scooter is fitted with an 18-inch wide orthopedic seat and a fully-adjustable tiller with armrests. If you’re a tall user, adjust the back height from 16” up to 19”, ensuring you’re free from back pains.

The Afiscooter C3 is 26” wide, 51” long, and only weighs 161 lbs. This size makes it easy to transport.

Modern and Sleek Design

Stay modern and stylish riding the beautifully designed Afiscooter C3. It comes in multiple colors, depending on your likes and preferences.

What’s more, it comes with a large-sized front basket to store essential items like groceries, keys, and smartphones when outdoors.

Security and Safety Features

The Afikim Afiscooter C3 is fitted with unique features to keep you safe indoors and outdoors. In case you lose control, the safety system automatically stops the scooter to prevent you from falling.

The scooter is fitted with an automatic braking system. It brings the device to a swift halt to avoid crashing into people or property.

Afraid that your errands will run late? Worry less, Afiscooter C3 features a full lighting package. The ultra-bright headlights clearly illuminate the road ahead while the indicators notify other users whenever you change direction.

For added security, Afikim fitted the scooter with rearview mirrors, ensuring you see what’s behind you without much hassle.


Searching for a comfortable mobility device for your indoor and outdoor use? Look no further than the Afikim Afiscooter C3. It comes with an adjustable orthopedic captain’s seat that’s well-padded.

The seat can swivel, making it easier to hop in and out or access your dinner table or work desk. Enjoy a comfortable ride outdoors without tiring your hands as the scooter is fitted with ergonomic handlebars and armrests.


Though the Afiscooter C3 is a sturdy device that won’t break easily, the manufacturers still offer an awesome warranty.

Here’s a breakdown of the Afikim warranty information:

    • Lifetime warranty: The metal parts i.e. seat post, mainframe, and tiller metal parts have a lifetime warranty from the date of delivery.

    • Two-year warranty: Afikim offers two years of warranty on the power unit, electronic sub-assemblies like switches and brakes, harnesses, and controller chargers.

    • One-year warranty: Afikim will replace the bearings, seat, shock absorbers, and bushings if they get damaged within one year from the delivery date.

It’s essential to note that Afikim’s warranty doesn’t cover items that may get damaged by normal wear and tear. These include bulbs, tires, and motor brushes.

Where are Afikim Afiscooters made?

Afikim Afiscooters are produced in Jordan Valley, Israel by Afikim Electric Vehicles. KIBBUTZ AFIKIM owns the brand.

The company focuses on developing and manufacturing world-class mobility scooters that help people regain their mobility independence.

Why Choose Afikim Afiscooter C3?

Still wondering whether the Afiscooter C3 Breeze is the right device for you? Here are some features that we like about this scooter:

    • A luxurious and comfortable orthopedic captain’s seat

    • A 50” turning radius to navigate tight spaces

    • Impressive range of warranties

    • Excellent safety features like instant braking

    • Stylish design for that youthful look

The only downside is that it’s three-wheeled and might not offer the stability that four-wheeled scooters have in rough terrains.

Keep Moving with the Afiscooter C3

If you’ve been looking for a reliable mobility scooter, the Afiscooter C3 Breeze might be the best option. It offers excellent safety features, performance, and power, without hurting your pockets.

Get the Afikim Afiscooter C3 Breeze today and keep moving without requiring assistance from others.

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